Neo Birth Care Centre


To provide our community with informative, professional and confidential counselling and testing services.


To offer a wide range of support services, tailored to help our local community.

Bringing help & care to those who need it most.


  1. Assistance with unplanned pregnancy: counselling, testing & ultrasound services
  2. Crisis counselling for victims of abuse, neglect & exploitation.
  3. Relationship & family counselling.
  4. VCT (Voluntary Counselling & Testing)
  5. A Blessing Boutique, providing toiletries and a variety of baby items including clothing, equipment, etc.
  6. Support of an established network of referrals.
  7. Emergency relief in the form of blankets & food to vulnerable families
  8. Play-therapy for children (aged 1-14).
  9. Child assessments for children ages 1-14 (used to identify the perpetrator or the source of trauma).
  10. Talk at schools within the Greater Rustenburg area on topics such as Abortion Awareness, Drug Abuse, Pornography, Sexual Integrity, Satanism, etc.